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Your iPhone 6s is in good hands

We like to start every iPhone 6s repair with a free diagnostic exam to determine which of our repair services is best for your device. This service helps our techs identify any software or hardware issues and suggest the right repair. Below are some of the most common questions customers have when faced with a broken iPhone 6.

Why won’t my iPhone 6s turn On?

If your iPhone 6s is not turning on there are several reasons, both software and hardware related, that this could be happening. uBreakiFix’s free diagnostic service is specifically designed to identify the issue in mystery situations like this. If your phone recently had a bad fall, it could be LCD damage or some other hardware damage. The LCD can sometimes be damaged without cracking the front glass, making it difficult to identify. Our LCD replacement service is easy and usually only takes an hour. Is your iPhone 6s not charging? Possible explanations may be a damaged or dirty charge port. We have a iPhone 6s charge port replacement service that can fix that for you. Your iPhone 6s is in good hands with uBreakiFix.

Can a Cracked iPhone 6s Screen be Replaced?

If you drop your phone on a hard surface, it can do major damage to the screen. Most often, we see cracks in the front glass and visible damage to the LCD screen. We offer an iPhone 6s screen replacement service that will replace your busted screen with a high-quality replacement. Screen replacements are our specialty and we can usually have them completed in under an hour and for the lowest price around. Our diagnostic service will identify which service is best for your device and then we can get started right away.

Why is my iPhone 6s camera not working?

Don’t let a broken camera ruin a family vacation or let your selfies suffer. There are a couple reasons an iPhone 6s camera might be malfunctioning. If your camera app is frozen, laggy, or has a malfunctioning flash, you need our diagnostic service. We can identify the problem and find a solution whether it be a hardware or software issue. If it turns out to be a hardware issue, our techs can fix your iPhone 6s camera. We use the best parts on the market and can have you back to snapping photos in no time. Check out our iPhone 6s camera replacement page for more info.

Can iPhone 6s water damage be fixed?

If you dropped your iPhone 6s in water, turn your phone off immediately and make an appointment to visit your phone repair professional. Water that is left inside of devices can corrode and cause short circuits within essential hardware. The longer you leave it, the much less likely we will be able to fix it. So the next time your iPhone 6s comes into contact with water, skip the rice and bring it to uBreakiFix right away. Find out more about our iphone 6s water damage service by stopping by your local uBreakiFix location.

Why won’t my iPhone 6s play sound?

If no sound on your iphone 6s is giving you grief, let uBreakiFix identify the problem for you. The first thing to do is check the settings and the switch on the side to ensure the phone isn’t in ‘silent’ mode. Then, make sure the device isn’t connected to a Bluetooth accessory. Lastly, check to see that your phone isn’t accidentally on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This setting silences your device and can be easily turned on. If you’re still having issues, it’s time for a free diagnostic. The speaker consists of a very thin material that vibrates super fast when you play music or watch a video. If it is damaged, it may stop working. We can replace your iPhone speakers the same day you bring it in and for a price that won’t break the bank. Come in for a free diagnostic!

Not All Parts Are The Same

At uBreakiFix, we don’t believe that all repair parts are the same. While there may be shops that can offer a lower price for installation, these shops can have low-quality parts and installation. We don’t compromise our parts or processes just to have lower prices. We know that bad parts can further damage your device or give it a lower lifespan. At uBreakiFix, we do it right the first time. We care about you just as much as we care about your iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s Repair

If you rely on your iPhone 6s for work or school, it’s a huge hassle to send it away if it needs a repair. We don’t believe that you should be without your favorite device any longer than absolutely necessary, which is why getting your iPhone 6s repaired at uBreakiFix is a fast and convenient process.

Local iPhone 6s Repair shop Near You

When a customer comes to us with a broken iPhone 6s, the first thing we do is diagnose the issue. Our diagnostic service can tell us if the phone has a hardware or a software malfunction and which of our services would best resolve the issue. All of our repairs and services are completed right in the store by the technician that greets you at the door. This gives us total control and allows us to complete most of our repairs in under an hour. These quick repair times and our excellent customer service are what separate uBreakiFix from all other stores out there.

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Our iPhone 6s Screen Repair Process

If you’re looking for a high quality iphone 6s screen replacement service in your area, make sure that the place you choose is using good parts. Settling for the cheapest repair might leave you with poor quality parts, leading to a shorter device lifespan or even additional malfunctions. At uBreakiFix, phone screen repair is our specialty and our professional technicians only use the highest quality of parts and specialized training to make your device look as good as new. Don't be a victim of low quality service, bring your iPhone 6s into uBreakiFix.

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Can a iPhone 6s Battery be Replaced?

Have you noticed your iPhone 6s slowing down or maybe it’s not turning on at all? These are signs that it’s time to replace your battery. An iPhone 6s battery replacement is a quick and easy repair at uBreakiFix and we can have you on your way in only an hour. Nobody wants to be that friend who is constantly searching for places to plug in. Break free from the cord with a brand new battery and tips to help you get the most from your battery life. Our low price guarantee ensures that you are getting the absolute best price possible, so stop by your local uBreakiFix today.

iphone 6s battery replacement near me